FSM.jpg Frequency Specific Microcurrent is a revolutionary treatment modality that Dr. McFarlane uses to treat certain conditions.  The most common are Shingles, Kidney Stone Pain and Menstrual Cramps.  It works by tapping into the body's own frequencies. Specific microamp frequencies are used to treat different conditions.  Most of the time these frequencies are below the nerve's threshold so the treatment is very easily received.  In most cases of Shingles, Kidney Stone Pain and Menstrual Cramps the symptoms are resolved in 1-3 treatments!  Talk with Dr. McFarlane today if you or someone you know suffers from Shingles, Kidney Stones or painful Menstrual Cramps.



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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I am still coming in for treatments on my back when I need it. They are great with working around my schedule and my time. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else."
    Madeline S.
  • "Dr. McFarlane and his office are awesome! He has been working on my back and neck pain for several months now and does a great job always adjusting me. His office is very friendly and I wound highly recommend them to friends"
    Mindy M.